The defense of Leningrad Museum

The defense of Leningrad Museum Defense of Leningrad Museum, occupies three buildings of the former Handicraft Museum.
In December 1943, it was decided to set up the exhibition, which will Support the fighting spirit and a little bit to reduce the tense atmosphere that prevailed at that time. The whole year was a preparation for the opening, collected the trophy weapons and documents about the exploits of the inhabitants of the city; were displayed the most important events of the blockade of the city, the work of ” Road of Life ‘, a breakthrough environment, labor workers of factories. After the war, the number of rooms increased, there was a portrait gallery; in addition to the weapons in the building, there were also tanks, aircraft, heavy guns, missiles destroyed public transport. In 1949, the Museum came under the hot hand of Stalin, when he understood the participants’ Leningrad Affair ”, and he seemed to downplay the role of anti-Party and the leader. Only 40 years later, the restoration as it seemed forever lost collection; Everyone brought historical objects stored doma.Byli open new, unique for exposure, such as’ ‘Sport in the siege of Leningrad’.