Apartment Museum PK Kozlov

Apartment Museum PK Kozlov Apartment Museum of Peter Kuzmich Kozlov, a reflection of his turbulent life, entirely dedicated to research in Central Asia
He was a pupil of another of our famous compatriot, Prezhevalskogo;. Kozlov personally took part in six expeditions, thanks to which the world learned of the ‘dead city’ in the Gobi desert and the mounds of the Huns in the north of the museum it was created Mongolii.Sam in 1989 and consists of several rooms, characterizing his work: an office, a room of history expeditions, Tibetan room and a temporary exhibition. In addition to an extensive archive and books, here you can also see with your own eyes how the intelligentsia lived from the early 20th century, are home appliances and accessories, which are able to maintain in good condition. For individual travelers only one day to visit to Thursday, from 12:00 to 18:00.