Apartment Museum Kuindzhi

Apartment Museum Kuindzhi It is in the ” House of Artists ” on the Exchange Alley, where at various times lived Russian painters
Kuindzhi himself, a Greek by birth, came to Petreburge in 1860 and the first try has been awarded the title of the artist.; his skill and fame quickly began to grow and he married her compatriot Vera Ketterdzhi. By changing a few residences, he decides to stay in the house of the merchant Eliseev, as there was a large workshop, now it is a collection of his paintings during his time in the Academy of Arts. After becoming famous, he still cared about others and even took to his disciples funds in Europe, so that they were able to look with my own eyes the world shedevry.Vse his fortune and land, he bequeathed to the community named in his honor, which was subsequently handed over all his works in Russian Museum. Apartment Museum was created for the 150th anniversary of the great artist and works on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12 to 17 hours.