Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory

Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory Originally, the museum was created as a repository of all valuable items at the factory by the order of Nicholas I.
addition to samples of national art there also are products of Japan and China, with a total of more than 30 thousand ekzemplyarov.Pomimo themselves objects of porcelain, you can look in the library, where carefully Save the workbook on the material, sketches and drawings of famous artists. Since Alexander III, all produced at the plant, done in two copies, thanks to this collection is growing fast, but because of the revolution, it changed its location but always came back the whole several times. After the war, the factory was bought by American businessmen and was almost taken out abroad, but he was just transferred to the custody of the Russian Museum. However, due to the fact that the collection had to endure, it was decided to make the company a branch of the Hermitage and leave the original site, open to all comers.