Museum of Road Transport

Museum of Road Transport He is the successor of its previous Emperor of the carriage museum, located in the same building.
Therefore, the exact date of its founding is not known by anybody, but consider the proposed mid-19th century, when it was built for the needs of a separate building, and there has been presented in the public domain exposition sled, carriages, harness and hooves, up to gilded. With the advent of the Bolsheviks to power all the coach had to bring to Moscow, and the building itself Zana training base. The creators of the current exhibition have not forgotten about the previous collections, so in the early 90s, when he created a modern museum, the carriage was returned to the first floor and the second settled floors such famous personalities as: Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Gagarin, Elvis Presley and many others ; All items on the go and you can sit in them. The exhibition is open every day except Monday, a ticket for an adult, 100 rubles.