Arctic and Antarctic Museum

Arctic and Antarctic Museum Arctic Museum was opened to the public January 8, 1937, but the decision to create it was made much earlier.
.In 1930 the Presidium of the USSR Central Executive Committee had approved the decision on the establishment of the All-Union Arctic Institute (VAI), which as a special department envisaged Arktiki.Pervonachalno museum exhibits of the museum were stored in the basement of VAI and used only for exhibitions. In 1933, the Arctic Institute to create the museum was loaned to the building of the former St. Nicholas Church on the street Common Faith Marata.V including exhibits and equipment and expedition gear, written, cartographic and printed sources, documentary photographs. The museum stores photos showing the many significant events in the Arctic, including the initial period of the world’s first Arctic icebreaker linear & bdquo; Ermak & rdquo; (1899-1901 gg.), The activities of the Hydrographic Expedition of the Arctic Ocean (1910-1915 gg.), Hike on the icebreaker & bdquo; Krasin & rdquo; for the salvation of the Italian members of the expedition on the airship & bdquo; Italy & rdquo; (1928), the work of the first drifting station SP and the first Soviet Antarctic expeditions.