Moscow Victory Park

Moscow Victory Park Construction of the park began October 7, 1945 on the site of Brick-pumice plant number 1, who served during the war crematorium.
According to various calculations on it the remains of 100 to 600 thousand of Leningrad were burned during the war. Thus the area of ​​the park has become a place of the most massive in the history of cremation
two styles combine in the landscape design of the park -. Landscape and regular. Funnels from the brick factory shells and career have changed under small ponds with unusual shapes, connected by channels.
Park started July 7, 1946, at the time its area was part of 1/7 of the current. The work went on arrangement until 1957. Planting trees is simple inhabitants of the city, take part in cleanup.
The park is located a number of different structures, including a greenhouse and squat subway pavilion.
From 2010 to 2013, a comprehensive reconstruction was carried out in the park.