Moskovskie Vorota

Moskovskie Vorota Moscow Triumphal Gate represent a triumphal arch, erected in 1834-1838 gg. in St. Petersburg in honor of the victory in the Russian-Turkish war of 1828-1829.
Gate located at the intersection of Moscow and Ligovsky Avenues, in an area called the Moskovskie Vorota.
In 1936 they were demolished in connection with the beginning of the Incarnation the idea of ​​moving the center to the south of the main square near the House of Soviets in the Moscow area. Moskovskie Vorota this project planned to decorate the park.
In 1959-1960. gates have been returned to the original place in the 1936 version as a historical and architectural monument.
In May 1965, in the Moscow area of ​​the gate was renamed in Moscow. area again began to carry the name of Moskovskie Vorota
The same name is erected in 1961. Metro station, which is located on the lobby area – In October 1968, the original name was restored..