Field of Mars

Field of Mars Park area in the center of St. Petersburg.
At the beginning of the XVIII century on the west side of the Summer Garden there was empty land, bearing the name “comic box” or “Big”, and later “Tsaritsyn meadow.” On this meadow, military parades were held.
In the years 1798-1801 there were built sculptures generals PA Rumyantsev (architect VF Brenna), and AV Suvorov (sculptor M. Kozlovsky). In 1818 Rumyantsev obelisk moved to Vasilevsky Island, but for the area got the name Champ de Mars, for example, the Field of Mars in ancient Rome and Paris. From 1918 to 1944, this place was called the Plaza of the Revolution Victims.
In 1920-1923 on the area of ​​victims of the revolution organized by the park. There placed lights, taken from the Nicholas Bridge, renamed the bridge Lieutenant Schmidt. (Now – Annunciation Bridge)
Until 1933 the park area was buried by Soviet and Party workers
In 1957, in the center of the memorial lit the eternal flame..