Lopukhinsky garden

Lopukhinsky garden Located on the island of Apothecary, it is hidden from the eyes of passers-by for the spreading branches of trees; it is actively used for image kinogruppy historical films.
It is located on the site of the last attack on the Swedes had not yet unfinished Petersburg, later pitched here garden with plants for pharmacists, which is why the island got its name. Then this part of Prince departs Lopuchin that breaks deer park and built a mansion. In 1848, this is the place to buy lesotorgovets Gromov and Eugene asks Odintsov-author Square on St. Isaac’s Square, modified garden, making it more beautiful and romantic. After the death of Gromov’s place comes to desolation, from the former beauty it is only a system of ponds and mostov.Lish in 1991. The garden is reconstructed according to historical plans and it returns the name of Lopukhinsky.