Lecture Blog for freelancer

Lecture Blog for freelancer Today
In the studio, “It is time to draw!” Will be a meeting for freelancers and those who only plan to work for yourself!; people who want to start a blog and find his inspiring audiences; for those who want to get a job at a major studio or already working there, but wants besides the basic work to promote their own projects and gather around them viewers.
members lecture will learn why you need your project on the Internet, as a blog helps freelancers when looking for a permanent job, how to choose a niche topic and format, it does not throw a blog, how to monetize your passion.
event will be very beneficial to artists, illustrators, photographers, script-writers, designers, authors of comics, Storyboard, fashion designers, videographers , yutuberam, bloggers and anyone who wants to find a favorite thing, audience and clients
Teacher – Maya Evrideyaydro, yutuber illustrator and author inspiring “evrideyaydro” project, dedicated to illustration and creative business
Register -https:. /. /docs.google.com/forms/d/1lA_A2aAu2CxgQnLsKm3c ..
m. Sport-2, Ural Str., 1, Bldg. 2, the studio “It is time to draw!»
June 13 beginning at 19:30
cost 250 rubles.