Space intelligent flea market

Space intelligent flea market Space intelligent flea
Three space Stables area on one day become a single entity – a large space here unfold flea market, which will be found collectible vintage trinkets and work of 100 designers from flute rain and ornaments futuristic glass up sweater with a picture of the star clusters and present .
suit for one day on the occasion of cosmonautics day will unite three sites – it-bar Kl10tch, bar and theater Kopen “Tseh”. There will arrange astounding and the largest flea market in the city space. On the shelves, rails and hangers will be found strange gizmos, who will present collectors and hundreds of talented designers – for example, acrylic skull bison fuchsia, brooch in the form of a Maltese cross of broken Chinese porcelain and Flute rain, handmade cosmetics, futuristic decorations, clothing, reminiscent of space travel, as well as quite ordinary, but quite rare vintage outfits. By the way, on each of the platforms expected different surprises: from the author’s space themed cocktails to desserts and baking
WHERE: it-bar Kl10tch, Kopen bar, theater “Tseh.”; . Stables Square, 2
WHEN: April 12 from 14-00 to 21-00