The concert of the composer Volker Beltermana (Hauschka)

The concert of the composer Volker Beltermana (Hauschka) For all those who would be interested to broaden the horizons of perception of classical and neo-classical repertoire – good news
May 15 in Düsseldorf galleries Erarta perform composer Volker Belterman (aka Hauschka)
Hauschka travels around the world, demonstrating the potential of the prepared piano. – performing art in which in conventional tools hammers and strings introduced extraneous mechanisms and devices, creating unique sounds
unusual sound textures create a special sensual world, which is not surprising, and lost without a competent guide …
in general. – very interesting and inspiring
May 15, 20:00
29-line, 2
+7 (812) 324-08-09!.