Kitaro concert in St. Petersburg

Kitaro concert in St. Petersburg February 19 in St. Petersburg for the first time will be a concert of the world famous Japanese musician and composer Kitaro.
Kitaro is not just enough to hear, it must feel, to immerse themselves in the world of his songs, forgetting everything, perceiving the sounds of these tunes every cell of your body. According to the musician, his music is inspired by nature, unity with all life, the depth of penetration into the essence of phenomena surrounding us. It is necessary to carefully listen to the wind noise, the sound of water, the voices of the birds, the sounds of the forest – and the soul are born magical symphony that can not write, you can breathe life and to convey to the people in them. Kitaro is convinced that nothing can so influence people and change his inner world, like music. His creativity musician seeks to convince people that a better world can be only one way – to open his soul for love for all living things.