Picnic concert After 10 000 years

Picnic concert After 10 000 years Legendary “Picnic” group in 2016 – 25 years! And most rock Goodwin Edmund Szklarska hit plёvye rocker for 60
On this occasion, already 20 January – just something for nothing – the concert “After 10 000 years” at the Alexandrinsky Theatre
Why the theater? And because it is not just a concert, a magical concert-performance. The musical and theatrical program Shkliarsky deliver a poetic work, also will feature the best hits of the team in its history! Well, as a miss?
Musician, poet, artist, Shkliarsky for the first time appear as a theater actor. The characters of the famous songs of the collective will take the stage Alexandrinsky
20 January 19:! 00-20: 30
Square. Ostrovsky, d. 6
+7 (812) 312-15-45, +7 (812) 401-53-41