FilmNIGHT Guy Ritchie

So. 8 July in “Lumiere Hall” film screening will take 3 pictures of unsurpassed Guy Ritchie’s “Revolver” “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” and of “Snatch”. Cult films from cult director whose horse -. Crime drama and black (with subtle and English) humor, is a sin to miss
And space itself “Lumiere Hall” will create the right atmosphere, and for those who have not yet attended these things wonderful place – will be a real discovery. That you do not banal film through a projector on the web, no. By and large all the space – this is one solid sheet. The screens stretch from floor to ceiling instead of the walls – a live film. Front, back and sides. And the acoustics appropriate 🙂 Therefore, the approach to viewing different – no chairs, only ottomans, choose any convenient location and enjoy a cool movie
July 8 23: 30-6: 00
creative space “Lumiere Hall.”
Bypass channel embankment, d. 74, lit. C
cost -from 400 to 500