State Museum of Urban Sculpture

State Museum of Urban Sculpture It opened in 1939 and, since that date, actively filled by individual exhibits and objects of cultural heritage.
In 1930 part of the tombstones Smolensk Armenian cemetery was moved to the museum. Since the 30-ies in the management of the museum passed a number of historical sites, including sites on the territory of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra. Since the beginning of the 1970s. as part of the museum there is a restoration workshop in stone.
According to the order of the mayor of St. Petersburg on July 28, 1992 “On the procedure of dismantling the monuments of historical and revolutionary themes on the departmental territory,” it was assumed that all dismantled works of historical and artistic value, will come deposited in the State Museum of city sculpture, which should be fixed special act.
in 2002, as part of the museum opened a new showroom in Chernoretsk alley, which regularly hosts exhibitions of St. Petersburg artists and sculptors and are organized thematic exhibitions based on museum collections .