Stock Market Another Peter. Other cities

Stock Market Another Peter. Other cities Stock-market “Another Peter. Other cities »
not postcard Petersburg lenses local and visiting of Photographers, Exhibition and Fair
Draft glorious club offered Petersburg look at the eyes of a dozen other of Photographers -. The city is not grand, but it made him even more attractive. What like, you can buy a home on the wall, if there is to put itself – to change the operation of other colleagues. There is nothing wrong with that, to decorate the home familiar sight diluted Palace – is the undisputed masterpiece of architecture and urban planning. But the city is not only a strict svelte appearance and lit garlands from above – and as if out of the water – a panorama of winter Fontanka in the lens Oleg Rudin is already so far from postcard stereotypes and warm coziness so, what should those already in the department of art. Egor cats Kate Shchekin, Maria Cher, Andrei Romanov, Andrey Klemeshova and others manage to convey what is expressed nabivshimi nauseam the words “City Romance” – but after one look is worth a thousand words
WHERE: “Coffee and Books” Gagarin 20.
WHEN: 27 – 31 March