Festival of healthy lifestyles Air

Festival of healthy lifestyles Air HLS. he is ZOOZH. A healthy lifestyle in the light of various sad things such as: air pollution, water, raw materials, product quality and reduce indiscriminate addition of chemicals in everything that is possible and impossible – and so a healthy lifestyle is important and you need to
Drug prices. grow up, you know where the medicine in our country, and how much it costs, so – we protect the health of his youth. Well, this will help you in the event. There you will learn how to maintain your health by eating wholesome food, exercise classes useful, not useful in combating stress, in general – look like cucumber and feel great, spending it is not so much mental and physical strength. And yes, bizarre vkusnuypirogek with a strange fruit on top of the photos below this post – also belongs to the category of useful food, so that all those who have the concept of healthy foods is associated only with celery and yogurt to 5 liters per day – begin to rejoice, and be aware of the the fact that not all healthy and useful – certainly tasteless and bland. They will tell you about how to deal with stress, how to lose weight, raised the topic of diseases – preventive maintenance of immunity, active sports, yoga, stretching, what it is, how it works, and why more and more people are addicted to it. But all this will end the concert event of the musical group DEDOOX, known under the project “Main Stage” festival entrance fee – 400 rubles. All profits will go event @ club18750533 (AdVita Fund), which helps cancer patients
M. Bypass channel embankment. Bypass channel 60, space ‘Weavers’, 5th floor
Date: April 30

from 11:00 to 20:00