Japanese Culture Festival Scarlet Maple

Japanese Culture Festival Scarlet Maple Scarlet Maple Japanese Culture Festival
second Festival of Japanese Culture gathers all fans of the rising sun. Guests will be able to find out how the Japanese live, what they believe, what they eat and what they do. There will be answers to many questions. For example, the difference between aikido and iaido from Jodo? What kanzashi? In that play Japanese people except for the first? What are the characteristics of Japanese painting?
Everyone who came to the festival will be able to take part in a tea ceremony, kimono acquainted with the history and enjoy the female Japanese dance. In addition, the program includes a variety of workshops on topics related to the culture of this eastern country.
At the festival each learns something new. The organizers are confident that there will be interesting to those who are new to Japan, as well as those who are already well versed in the cultural peculiarities of the country. Children also will not be bored – for them will be special entertainment
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Start: November 1, 12-00
Ends November 2 at 20-00
Where will:. Sadovaya 75, DM “Record”