Festival-free travel

Festival-free travel Festival free travel
festival for those who love to travel. Much interesting to know. How to hitchhike, live on one dollar (even rate increased) anywhere in the world, you need to know about CouchSurfing – in other words, the event will ineteresno without exception
For those who are dreaming to go on a journey hitchhiking around the world. already preparing the bike for Moto mileage or trying to understand the popular today couchsurfing, will host a festival of free travel, where experts will share with guests their observations and secrets that will certainly help to give up on everything by hand and to travel light, if zapravsky adventurous tourist. < br> The guests will meet with professional hitchhikers who will tell about how to drive hundreds of thousands of kilometers without fear, and tourists, for whom travel – the style of life, tell us how to live on $ 1 a day anywhere in the world
Freedom Palace. , Kazan str., 7
March 27, beginning at 17:00
at the rate of time-cafe 2 rubles / minute