Robotics Festival GEEK PICNIC

Robotics Festival GEEK PICNIC Super-duper ofigitelnyj GEEK PICNIC Robotics Festival will begin on August 9 at 12:00!
Why wait? But: nailyubopytneyshih tales of virtual, computer, technology and the future of scientific research, relationships with contemporary art, and in general all of the integration of all in modern culture
the way, the “geeks” – these are the people who go crazy for. technologies. From them – the exchange of scientific ideas and not very entertaining and all kinds of communication
planned workshops on robotics and fulfillment in the works, lectures from leading scientists from Russia, the lights from the world of it-technologies, artists and other creators of the future <.. br> And still (yes!) –
self-championship fights robot drones

market T-shirts with superhero
tech stuff (last year it was possible to buy a gum liquid in a tube)
show Tesla
First Geek Cup
themed events from partners
area with games consoles and board games
area 3D-printing: electronic gadgets that can print food and furniture automatic device for creating tattoos
3D-fashion show For
seating area with ottomans and a cinema evening concert

thirty restaurants with varied cuisine
So as not to go !? Yelagin Island: ponds, canals, English park, long track, ideal for great