The festival of vintage cars

The festival of vintage cars The largest open-air museum of retro technology opens just one day in September. Here on display will exhibit hundreds of iconic cars, motorcycles and even a rare vintage buses 30 & minus; 80-ies of the last century. Do not go without racing vintage cars and a large-scale parade avtobusov- «veterans»

September 6 September 6 space fort “Constantine” transformed beyond recognition thanks to the hundreds of cars, motorcycles and other equipment – all this iconic machine 30 & minus;. 80 ‘s, domestic and foreign production. Here little old and beautiful Mini with folksvagenovsky staroshkolnymi buses and even legendary British kebami will stand on a par with domestic mastodons – sparkling six-seater “winters” aristocratic “The Seagull”, a kind of VIPs, enchanting “The Cossacks” and the other in their own unique models . From the abundance of cars eyes will be downright scatter – for example, last year in the “Fortune” was attended by about 200 vintage cars and a large retro-technology -. Avtobusy- “veterans” and bolshekolesnye tractors
noteworthy that special entourage acting give not only cars, but also directly to the owners themselves. On one day, they are clothed in costumes of past eras and walk around near their favorite vehicles
way, guests will not only look at the unique car, but also make sure that the retro car -. Not a luxury but a means of transportation, because rare race cars will take part in these races, where the owners of vintage cars will delight the audience adept passage “figures” maneuvering.
The culmination of the festival will be a grand rally amazing exhibits from the fort “Constantine” to Anchor Square.
Kronstadt district, Kronstadt, fort «Constantine»
September 6 beginning at 12:00
250 rubles