Public art festival Art Avenue

Public art festival Art Avenue September 22 in the Admiralty district will pass a very interesting and unusual verree Festival -. “Art Avenue»
is dedicated to the festival of public-art (yes, open, “public” art). This means that: the streets, yards, parks and other public spaces filled with contemporary works of art within the framework of the festival; theme of the festival selected “Dialogue” – communication. Between people, and through art, necessarily public, of course. Anyone will be able to visit the indoor courtyard, hear and explore the sounds of space, draw a bird flying, meet local people and get to know their favorite recipes, read the Bloc in Hebrew, Chinese, Bulgarian and other languages, and even listen to lectures on the history of art in the public transport. And, of course, painting in the streets – it is responsible for the artists from Russia, USA, Switzerland, Norway, Poland and Finland
Festival will take place up to 25 of September.