Meat Festival

Meat Festival Meat. Mn-i-co. Om-Nom-nom. For the carnivores and prey – the holiday will be! What? Meat Feast. And meat dishes. But as long as not particularly pleased – the festival will not soon – as many as 23 July. But mentally prepare, of course, does not hurt ….
So, what we have in the program? And no one knows. But one thing is certain – a ton of meat in the truest sense of the word, cleverly converted into insanely delicious food of all kinds from the best chefs meat restaurants in our city. A smell of something which, mm. What? Of course. And barbecue, lots of delicious kebabs of all kinds of meat. Steak, roast beef, burgers, barbecue – everything not listed. Well and active games, the experience of the previous festival – the program they will be. Of course, the question remains the feasibility of active play after repletion of heavy meat diet, but it’s the lyrics …. So we believe, hope, waiting 🙂
m. Krestovsky island, Primorsky Victory Park
July 23 – July 24 from 12:00 to 21:00