Festival lazy picnic

Festival lazy picnic Festival “lazy picnic»
December 1, St. Petersburg will host an unusual festival for …. lazy! It will be contests for the lazy, food for the lazy, the game for the lazy and music for lazy, lectures about laziness (which, of course, you will listen to lying on the special hammocks or sunbeds) you can even make an amulet that will protect you from laziness – in short, if you’re lazy, then all that you need – to overcome your laziness and come 1 December, 16-00. The place where gather all sloths, kept secret, but closer to the start date it will be announced (at the previous and the first festival all happened on Komentantskom Avenue, this time the nearest metro station – “Admiralty” – that is, the city of the center ( if it becomes very lazy and travel to the festival for the most lazy you tire – welcome to our mini-hotel SuperHostel, and we have a lot of them and all in the heart :))).