Extreme Festival

Extreme Festival Extreme Festival
August 29 in the park consists of more extreme show, in which the competition will be held between skaters, skaters and trialkyl and bmx-riders. In addition, they will draw a bright graffiti, playing beach rugby and football, learn zhonglёrskomu skills -. In general, have fun in summer
The festival will participate bmx’ery, skaters, skateboarders, breakers, jumpers , beatboxers, scooter riders and other athletes, who will show dizzying stunts in an extreme park. They will teach guests to do tricks on a skateboard, roller skates and scooters, and not just – the whole, what have wheels
addition to spectacular events expected and plenty of summer fun:. From the beach football to skiing on the unicycle. In addition to the extreme, there will be competition in other street art – a painting graffiti and performance of beatbox tunes, considered the fifth element of hip-hop culture
Park 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, Primorsky prospect, 157
beginning August 29.. at 13:00