Documentary Festival 2015 Artdokfest

Documentary Festival 2015 Artdokfest 145 copyright movies see the audience at the largest Russian Documentary Film Festival “Artdokfest 2015” 8-16 December!
In nine days will bring together first-class auteur cinema, a kind of counterbalance to the bored masses of products and pop culture.
Festival will be held in St. .Petersburg for the ninth time and again to impress even the most demanding film fans a rich program and the seriousness for which the authors have undertaken.
Viewers will see the work of filmmakers from the United States, France, Estonia, Austria, Switzerland and, of course, Russia.
in St. Petersburg, the program will be to look at the two sites in:
cinema «ANGLETERRE cINEMA LOUNGE» (Malaya Morskaya street, 24.)
and space MINISTERSTVO (Apothecary etc. .., 4)
ARTDOKFEST opens simultaneously in Moscow and in St. Petersburg on December 8 the Russian premiere of the masters of contemporary documentary by Sergei Loznitsa – picture “Event” tells about the events of the coup Emergency Committee in Leningrad.
at the opening of the festival «ANGLETERRE CINEMA LOUNGE» perform the honorary president of the festival & ldquo; Message to man & rdquo; and documentary filmmaker Michael Litvyakov and archivist Lendokfilma Sergey Gelver.
8-16 December