Factory them. NK Krupskaya

Factory them. NK Krupskaya Confectionary Factory named after NK Krupskaya founded in Leningrad in 1938.
While Narkompischeproma by order of the USSR earned the Chocolate Factory, established on the basis of factory-kitchen.
During the Great Patriotic War, the factory worked mostly on the front and for a single day did not stop production by making confectionery in various alternatives. During the hard work in the factory during the war inscribed in the Book of Honor of the city. During 1943 her 3 tons of sweets were manufactured “Bear in the north”. Trademark products are confectionary factory began in 1966 year.
In 1992, the factory is transformed into a joint stock company. In 1995-1996, repaired candy shop.
In 2006, 75% of the factory purchased a Norwegian group, which will soon launch the process of merging with the Norwegian confectionery factory union.