Kochubey Palace

Kochubey Palace Kochubey Palace, or the house of the Moors is known for its unusual architectural solution of the building.
Storey classic osbonyak, built in the late 18th century, was rebuilt on the orders of Prince Kochubey. The house has got furnaces, vodprovodom and bath that was a luxury at that time. Each of the rooms has been devoted to any one god of the Greek pantheon: Dionysus, Bacchus, Ariadne, and others. In 1867 the house was bought by a merchant and Rodokonaki was added another floor to the superstructure, a conservatory converted into a dining room. After he took a military tribunal, which disfigured the interior trim, virtually destroying the decoration of rooms and utility networks. At the end of the 20th century osbonyak bought privately held company and restored it at his own expense, and rents rooms to rent to everyone for various celebrations.