Palace Duke Alexei Alexandrovich

Palace Duke Alexei Alexandrovich Palace Duke Alexei Alexandrovich is not like the strict classical Russian emperors locks.
Surrounded by a high fence and facing away from the waterfront, it is noticeable only when approaching all-decorated columns, rings, garlands and a tower with a steep spiral staircase. The building itself was built in the late 19th century for the Grand Duke already an adult, he tried to arrange inhospitable home, make it a family. Almost all the rooms are made in different styles, rococo, renaissance, oriental. Considering that among Alexander was also the head of the Navy Department, the problems with the choice of materials did not arise; It was brought from all over the best wood, marble and leather. With the advent of Soviet power gave the palace under the different needs of warehouse, pioneers house advertising agency. But in 2005 he was sent to the House of Music, which is a completely renovated building.