Nabokov House

Nabokov House In the period between 1897 and the October Revolution, the house became the property of the Nabokov family.
They got it as a dowry of Helena Rukavishnikova. Vladimir Vladimirovich lived in the house until November 1917.
House is described in detail in his autobiography and other shore Speak, Memory. Nabokov wrote about this place as “the world’s only home».
In the future, even when the writer became wealthy, he never acquired another house and preferred to live in hotels.
Basis of exposure are memorabilia Nabokov, which and include personal items, as well as books and other items related to his life and art. The museum is dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Nabokov, its artistic heritage and cultural values ​​and operates both in Russia and internationally. The museum provides a research library for scholars, and organizes a variety of activities: reading the works of Nabokov and his idols, in the scope of places and include Nabokov International Summer School, an exhibition of objects related to the writer.