House Muruzi

House Muruzi House of Alexander Dmitrievich Muruzi was at that time one of the most expensive cost of construction, 800 thousand rubles.
In its place until the middle of the 19th century there was a wooden house, surrounded by a garden in which the novel Dostoevsky’s ” The Idiot ” lived General Yepanchin . The building was built for the prince in the Moorish style, but also conceived as an apartment house, so it consisted of 57 apartments and 7 shops. The owner lived in the same house, occupies the entire second floor with 26 rooms, which he altered to your taste and put in the center of the marble fountain. After the death of Prince of the building was chosen by all the people of creative professions, we lived here Leskov, Kuprin, Merezhkovsky, Gippius and many others. Until now there are trying to create a museum-apartment, but so far without success, the people he is better known as the ‘House of the poet’ ‘or’ ‘bohemian’ house.