Mertens House

Mertens House This building stands out among the others, stoyuschee in the neighborhood, with huge stained glass windows.
It was built for the firm FL Mertens’ Mechs in the neoclassical style and the use of the latest technology of the time-monolithic reinforced concrete kostruktsii. A huge sign, which is preserved from those times, reminding the owner of the house, merry drinkers and where he lives; also allegedly neighbors on the road were painted arrows to facilitate the finding and newsagents selling guides to the mansion. In Soviet times there rasplogalsya ‘Fashion House’ ‘, which brought together the best designers and craftsmen create thumbnails for garment factories. A few years later there was a large fire in the building, because of which it was abandoned, until in 2008 he was not bought the trademark ” Zara ”, where she opened a shop.