House Laval

House Laval Laval House was built on the site of the former mansion of Menshikov, the first stone of the building of St. Petersburg.
It was erected by the architect Eropkin, also known as the creator of the three main (at the time) highways of the city, directed to the Admiralty. The building several times changed their owners, while Prince Voronikhin not rebuilt it, adding another floor, increasing the overall length and adding a portico with columns. Finally, it falls into the hands of Laban, who decides to remake the house for the third time since it was too modest in its opinion. As a result, the painting was added and the molding on the facade, historical panels and spherical dome in the center. In addition to the beautiful interior decoration hostess could boast an impressive collection of paintings and books, averaging more than 5 thousand copies. In Soviet times there was a State Historical Archives of the USSR, is now here is the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.