House Singer

Singer House, also known as the Book House, a six-storey building with a loft in a modern style, with an area of ​​about 7000 m?
Built in 1902-1904 by the architect Pavel Suzor for “joint stock company in the Russian Singer”. The project was innovative and technical design, and style, and for other purposes. Initially, the company management ” Singer ”, which produces sewing machines, wanted to build a skyscraper, like the one that is being built now in New York: a multistory building with many offices. However, building in the center of St. Petersburg could not exceed 23.5 meters to the cornice. The architect brilliantly resolved this contradiction: over six floors with a loft he built an elegant tower topped with a glass globe with a diameter of 2.8 m It is this aspiration skyward tower, and creates the impression of altitude, but at the same time, thanks to its lightness, not overshadowing dome. Kazan Cathedral and Saviour on the Blood, towering above the Nevsky Prospekt. Until 1917, the building belonged to the company ” Singer ‘. During the First World War on the ground floor of the building was the US Embassy. Since December 1919 settled “Petrogosizdat” (from 1938 ” Lenizdat ”) in the building, and in the 1920s-30s – and other publishers also conducted the book trade, as is “Book House” from 1938. from 2004 to September 2006, the building was under construction, which is in agreement with the Rosokhrankultura and KGIOP by CJSC “St. Petersburg Real estate agency (PAN),” concluded the contract with the City property Management Committee on the long-term lease of the building. Since November 2006, it again operates the “House Book”, which occupies part of the building, while the other part of the premises of JSC “PAN” offers to arendu.Na the top two floors of the house of “Singer” is the office of the company Vkontakte””