Apartment house Lidval

Apartment house Lidval Apartment house Lidval-attempt to create the most living space of a few houses in the early stages of the existence of St. Petersburg.
Initially a single site was eventually bought by different owners and was built up according to their needs, wooden buildings side by side with the plant. Therefore, it was decided to erect several buildings, united by a common roof. The whole composition is distracting from the usual yard-wells, it deployed the front yard to the street facades are not symmetrical to each other, forged bars with pictures of various animals as the most fence, and on the balconies. Subsequently, this style started to call Northern modernist, when it was used as decoration of facades animalistic sculptures, wreaths and garlands. All rooms are with mosaic floors, built-in ovens and cooking hearths, but the most important innovation was the elevator. After the October Revolution architect Lidval left Russia and returned to his homeland, where unsuccessfully tries to achieve the same glory, and the house is still functioning.