Apartment house Benoit

Apartment house Benoit Apartment house Benoit, Benoit or three house-designed specifically for the first Russian insurance company.
Consisting of 250 apartments, it was the largest in the pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg, but the building was erected in just over a year. In addition to our usual amenities in each apartment also had its own power plant, boiler room, laundry room, furnace for burning garbage. The facade ukrazhen lots of carved ornaments, and the first two floors are tiled, brought here from Sweden. The house was originally planned for the very wealthy, so in addition to architects who invented it, it also accommodated the prince Gabriel K., Shostakovich, Kirov and many other prominent Soviet leaders. Now it is still a residential building, located on the ground floor of the theater ” Island ”, presented in foyer of a small museum playwright Volodin.