Apartment house AY Keibel

The owner of the house was Albert Keibel Yul’evich (1854-1910) -. The famous silversmith
His family in the XIX century became famous outstanding craftsmanship award marks. Albert Keibel Yul’evich wore an honorary citizen and was a merchant of the first guild. Under him the company of his relatives has achieved impressive success and has established itself as one of the main jewelery companies of the Russian Empire.
Albert Keibel had two sons, who, against the wishes of his father, refused to continue the family business. For this reason, jewelry decayed with Albert’s death. However, almost a third of the current antique market signs made last masters Keibel family.
Family house is decorated with picturesque turret-oriel. Thanks to her, the building clearly goes to the house in front of the same architect. Goals Gustav Von built in St. Petersburg, about forty houses, carried out work in Tsarskoye Selo.