Open Day of Astronomy 2016

Open Day of Astronomy 2016 For all who are not indifferent to the unusual and the unknown -. Welcome
After all, the space – it’s all around us, with not even know the extent of his learning. What’s space, even his own, our solar system is not fully understood …. But a little to reveal the mystery surrounding us space to admire the moon in a powerful telescope, and at the same time to evaluate the rare penumbral lunar eclipse will be on September 16 from 19:00 to 23: 00 visitors
event expects informative lecture by researcher of Pulkovo Observatory, which will tell the guests about the distant stars, and of course, the Earth’s satellite. There will also be watching popular science film, but the main event – the observation of the moon through the telescope lens
to attend this event is free, but advance registration is required -. Https:// / viewform
m. Prospect Education, etc.. Engels, 154 Playground in the SEC “Grand Canyon”