DAS FEST Park 300 anniversary of Saint – Petersburg

DAS FEST Park 300 anniversary of Saint And who does not close the high-tech masterpieces, and relax at a picnic – hunting, –
the welcome to the park 300 years of St. – Petersburg. It was there that the same will be held August 9 DAS FEST
waiting for you: traditional German treats and drinks (hot dogs, sausages, knuckles, pretzels, and so on.), Bavarian dances and costumed performances, fairs, music bands in Bavarian style (Markscheider Kunst, Zdob si Zdub, «Dance of Bavaria”, “Bavarian Carousel»).
Do you know more that? No? So well – Goran Bregovic! In person, yes, with his band and the program «If You Don & rsquo; t Go Crazy You Are Not Normal», whose name speaks for itself. The fun will last from 14 to 23. Oh, ja!