Cesme church

Cesme church Cesme Church is dedicated to the victory of Russian sailors in the Chesma Bay in 1770.
It is at this point, Catherine II received the news of the victory of our fleet and this was a decisive factor for the choice of location. At the basis of the Empress were present and the Swedish king Gustav III, as well the final stage coincided with the tenth anniversary celebration. The queen loved the church, a special place was allocated for it in the service, but since the building was not heated, built next to the winter Church of the Nativity. After the October Revolution it was closed and services moved to another address, giving Weber. Temple had a lot to endure: forced labor camp accommodation archive Glavnauka and joinery, fire, which killed almost all of the interior. After the Second World War began restravratsiya building, it became a branch of the Naval Museum, once the iconostasis was restored, the church was transferred to the diocese polzvanie.