Tower griffins

Tower griffins Griffins’ tower ‘or’ Digital Tower – tube boiler of red bricks, blocks, located in the courtyard of one of the oldest pharmacies in the 7th line of Vasilevsky Island.
Since 1858 the pharmacy was owned by William Pel and his sons. At the moment, it is to identify a monument of cultural heritage of regional significance. In the yard come people who dream about fulfilling their desires.
Definitely not found anyone Tower and for what purpose was built, and it has generated a lot of secrets, rumors and legends, which also complements its unusual appearance. In the basic version, the tower was built in the restructuring Pelem his pharmacy in the second half of the XIX century. The pharmacy were workshops for the production of medicines and an apartment house, and the tower served as a chemical laboratory. A frequent guest Pel was a chemist Dmitri Mendeleev. The approximate height of the tower – 11 meters in diameter – about 2 meters. The tower no windows and doors.
Artist Alexei Kostroma 1 May 1994 with the support of like-minded people placed on the tower of a large egg in a nest made of cardboard and numbered all the bricks. Egg repeatedly dropped, but it was returned back into place. It is now lost, however, unknown persons continue to paint the tower numbers.