Now Antikafe near Pushkinskaya 14

Now Antikafe near Pushkinskaya 14 We invite our guests from hotels in Pushkinskaya 14 and 11 to visit a wonderful and cozy place – Time-cafe «Now»
Antikafe “Now” – this is a positive space that is suitable for work, meetings with friends and even work “Now”! – a place where everyone will be comfortable. A loving couple can be seen here a romantic movie or just hold hands, sitting with a book or a cup of coffee. Freelancers and kovorkery be able to engage in Internet surfing – in antikafe have free Wi-Fi. Noisy company will also find entertainment to their liking – there are consoles X-box, has board games for all tastes. Singles, too, will not be offended – you can immerse yourself in, flipping through magazines, books, or listening to music. And yet there are concerts, lectures, workshops, fairs, and even weddings!
It features a fragrant tea and coffee from Bolivia and back up power can be a variety of sweets. In the mornings here are treated to fresh juice – do not miss the positive fresh juices! You can not smoke in the cafe no alcohol (but if there is a reason, it is enough to pay for “cork fee” – 300 rubles for each bottle of champagne or wine)
Pay only here for the time spent in antikafe -. Until five in the evening, one minute is 1.5 ruble, after – 2 rubles. Well, the coffee is already getting cold, and all the amenities are just waiting for you
P.S:! And here a wonderful view over the roofs and Nevsky
Where: Nevsky 67, 20 meters from the metro station . Mayakovskaya, 6th floor
Contact phone: 607-64-56