Acoustic concert Tesla Boy

Acoustic concert Tesla Boy Acoustic concert Tesla Boy
unusual concert band playing electronic music, which suddenly decided to revise the composition known in the jazz style, reseeding with conventional electronic instruments to the speakers.
Idea originated acoustic concert the guys for a long time, but due to a busy schedule and hard work on the new album, they could not carry out its
must say that the idea is to play an acoustic version of the electronic melodies -. it is pretty bold and unusual decision for a group that has always pleased the audience exclusively electronic music. However, for such a move has all the prerequisites: no wonder vocalist Anton Sevidova called one of the most talented jazz pianists. At the concert he will demonstrate his skill, flirting with familiar to fans of the band’s songs, distorting them into a jazz style and endlessly improvising
WHERE:. Museum “Erarta” 29th line of Vasilevsky Island, 2
WHEN: April 30, beginning at 20:00
HOW MUCH: 1500 – 2500 rubles